Conference/Meeting Presentations

NCEO December 2004 Teleconference Presentation

NAAC/NH-EAG March, 2005 Technical Advisory Committee--What is the Content?

NAAC Advisory Committee March, 2005

AERA 2005--An Analysis of Three States’ Alignment Between Language Arts and Mathematics Standards and Alternate Assessment
[Full Paper]

China-United States Education Conference (July, 2005), Beijing--The alignment of instruction and assessments.
[Speech] [Tables/Figures]

CCSSO Large Scale Assessment Conference (June, 2005)
[Presentation]--Accessing the general curriculum (Saturday's presentations)
[Presentation]--Alignment issues (Monday's presentation)

AERA 2006 Paper -- Alignment of Standards, Large-scale Assessments, and Curriculum: A Review of the Methodological and Empirical Literature

NCME 2006 Paper -- The Intended and Unintended Consequences of the Use of Alternate Assessments

ASES SCASS Presentation -- Linking for Academic Learning
[Cross Reference]

NHEAI/NAAC Seminars -- Alignment of AA-AAS
[Small Workgroup]