North Carolina Experienced Teacher
Summative Evaluation System

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The experienced teacher evaluation instrument was developed in response to the North Carolina Senate Bill 1126, which required that all certified employees receive an annual evaluation. The evaluation must incorporate the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Standards and include improving student achievement, employee skills, and employee knowledge. In addition, the instrument must be able to identify "unsatisfactory" and "below standard" performance.

The information on this homepage provides evaluators and experienced teachers a description of the summative evaluation instruments and a summary of procedures. To use the materials in the manual, evaluators must have received training on the TPAI-2000 for beginning teachers.  Feel free to copy or revise the forms to strengthen your teacher evaluation process.

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Evaluators and Teachers Manuals

There are two versions of the evaluators and teachers manual. The Evaluators and Teachers Manual (long version) is 63 pages and contains detailed description of the data sources, procedures, and scoring. The Evaluators and Teachers Manual (short version) is 18 pages and provides an overview of the evaluation process.

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Technical Manual

The Technical Manual includes the same material found in the Evaluators and Teachers Manual, suggested activities for formative evaluation, and additional information concerning the field testing and validity study.

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Experienced Probationary Teacher

An experienced probationary teacher is defined as a teacher who has obtained career status in any North Carolina public school system but who is employed by a different school system in North Carolina. Information concerning the modifications for administering the TPAI-2000 to experienced probationary teachers can be found here.  

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Student Growth Indicator

The Student Growth Indicator (SGI) is a conferencing tool for linking student learning to the teacher's efforts. It was field tested during the 1999-2000 academic year but was dropped from the summative evaluation process because of the time requirement for administering. It is still a valuable resource for evaluators working with teachers with "below standard" or "unsatisfactory" instructional performance. 

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