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What is R?

[Introduction & Installing R-video]~3 minutes  

R Basics  
  [R Interface-video]~5 minutes
     [Frequency Use Operators]
[Set Working Directory-
video]~3 minutes
     [Syntax for Creating a Working Directory]
[Input by Assignment -- scalars and vectors-video]~4 minutes
     [Syntax for Assigning Values]
[Using an editor to help with code-video]~3 minutes
[Input by Assignment -- Data Frames-video]~2 minutes
     [Syntax for Data Frames]

[Import from text, Excel, & SPSS files-video]~7 minutes
     [Syntax for import lesson]
     [data1.txt, data1.por, data1.xls, data1.sav]
  [Summary Statistics]
      [Syntax for summary statistics]
  [One-sample t Test-video]
      [Syntax for one-sample t-test]
  [Two-sample t Test-video]
      [Syntax for two-sample t-test]
  [Paired-sample t Test-video]
      [Syntax for paired t-test]
  [Simple Regression-video]
      [Syntax for simple regression]
  [One-way ANOVA]
      [Syntax for one-way ANOVA]
  [Multiple Regression]
      [Syntax for multiple regression]

[Example of Syntax for a Permutation Test]

  [Histogram, Boxplot, and Scatterplot]
      [Syntax for Histogram, Boxplot, and Scatterplot]
[Data Visualization by Damian W. Betebenner]
[Pairs syntax] [final.por] [graph]
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